Christmas Prints!

Christmas is almost here!

Don’t forget about your Christmas decor as you shop for gifts this season! Gift yourself with a limited edition Christmas print by Lydia Abigail and add a modern twist to your traditional celebration.

Having trouble with your Christmas cards? Get my Christmas cards as well, to send out or add to your holiday gifts!

Enjoy the holiday season with these Christmas prints!

Happy Holidays,
Lydia Abigail

Photos by Hannah Cher Photography

The Christmas Gift List

Christmas and the holidays are right around the corner, so I thought it would be helpful to put together a holiday gift list for those of us that find shopping difficult!

Here are 8 products that will be perfect for any person on your gift list!

#1 Holiday Prints

For a limited time, my holiday prints are available at the Laughing Willow and online. They are so fun and definitely great decor for a minimalistic style.

#2 Original Numbered Prints

Purchase an original numbered print from my primary collection here!

#3 Greeting Card Set


Purchase 6 or more greeting cards and package them together in a set! They are easy, cute, and a funny gift for anyone.

#4 Commission a drawing

Simple drawing can still be commissioned! Make a commission inquiry here.

#5 Original Sketches

If you’ve got an art buff in the family, get them an original! All original drawings will be for sale soon!

#6 Commission Certificates

Don’t have time left to make a commission order? Purchase a certificate so your loved one can get exactly what they want! Request the certificate in this inquiry.

#7 Original Paintings

Who doesn’t love decor? Get one of my original paintings for a quick and perfect present!

#8 Shop at the Laughing Willow

If you want to see any of my products in person, visit The Laughing willow in Dallas, TX! Add other fun gifts to your artwork by shopping at their adorable store in the heart of Bishop Arts!

Have any more ideas? Send them my way!

Photos by Hannah Cher Photography and Rachel Meagan Photography


Give Thanks

No matter what time of year it is, I always have to remind myself to stop and be thankful. Isn’t it crazy how easy it is to shuffle through life, discontent and frustrated? Owning a small business makes this incredibly easy. It is easy to want more. More recognition, more jobs, more contacts, more work, more orders…

All the whole working quickly, but enjoying little. So today I’m stopping, stopping to enjoy the much. Stopping to watch for the daily blessing I get to enjoy. Stopping to listen to my husband and all the funny jokes he makes. And I will enjoy today.

So yes, it’s hard to enjoy some days (especially when life is beating you with a rock) but it’s oh so fun to stop and see what beauty it will bring you.

Lydia Abigail

Photos by Hannah Cher Photography

From Realism to Gestural pt. 2 | The How

Like all realistic pieces, they usually follow a pattern. You study the picture or object, and mimic it’s patterns through your pen strokes. For me, that part of drawing has always been easy. See the picture, draw the picture. Done. But I needed something more. Instead of just drawing a picture from a photograph, I needed to see it in real life.

I noticed that pictures, though beautiful, loose so much of what is experienced in person. You can’t feel the sand through a photo. You can’t hear the rustling of trees or the smell of freshly cut grass. And all of these senses create emotions and feelings that sometimes cannot be described. With this realization, I knew that I needed to experience all those senses in order to evoke the proper emotion in my drawings.

But there was one major problem: realistic drawings take hours to create, and it’s hard to hold a tree or experience still for a long period of time. I needed to create a style of drawing that would take a short amount of time while still evoking the same experience and emotion. That’s when I decided to venture into continuous line drawings.

In a continuous line drawing, you draw an entire picture without taking your pen off the paper. This means that each line will be connected. I used this technique to draw a few landscapes when I realized the resulting image leaned toward abstract with a gestural emphasis. I fell in love. It was exactly what I needed and truly made each piece come alive. While being fun and creative, each piece is also thought-provoking and evokes emotion in the viewer.

In order to give the viewer the full experience, I also created a description for each piece that tells the viewer where the picture was drawn and some background about the experience. Each of these new drawings will be printed in very limited quantities (around 26) and will come numbered and signed. The original pieces will also be for sale and will hold all the perfect imperfections expected when drawing something out of doors (raindrops, dirt, and sometimes a few smudges). I’m so excited about this interactive and expressive series, and I’m so thrilled to be able to share it with you.

Photos by Rachel Meagan Photography & Hannah Cher Photography

From Realism to Gestural pt. 1 | The Why

Over the past year, I’ve been developing and slowly transitioning from my realistic Ink Collection to a more gestural, experience-based collection. To say this has been an easy change would be laughable, and to say all responses have been positive, a lie.

You see, realism tends to be extremely popular among the general population. It’s something they can easily see and simply understand. Among artists, however, realism is more of a stepping stone, a task you must only master to get to the other side of “creativity”.

What ends up happening, however, is that we have an amazing artist, creating work that is so far separated from realism that the general population doesn’t understand it (and the creative world misinterprets it). A potentially impactful piece can be totally overlooked. I’ve observed this with poetry countless times. The average person simply gives up at it’s interpretation, and the creative boasts of a superior understanding (most of the time completely missing the point).

And so, we have this large gap between artwork and it’s interpretation. It is so much easier to simply stay in my comfort zone of realism, be commended by average, and scoffed at by peers. But I can’t. I see the need in the artistic world to bridge the gap between the extremely creative and the average individual. In order to do this, I wanted to use my gestural work to create a thought-provoking piece while bringing context alongside each individual artwork. By doing this, each piece can be understood, explained, and evoke the same amount of emotion, but with purpose. And with this decision, I began my artistic transition.

Photos by Hannah Cher Photography

Linear Movement Launch Party | Recap

Last weekend, I was able to celebrate the launch of my new series, “Linear Movement” at the Laughing Willow in Dallas, TX. Here are a few photos to recap the event!


I would like to send a big “Thank You” to everyone who stopped by, and to the Laughing Willow for hosting the event! “Linear Movement” will be for sale at the Laughing Willow, along with some fun greeting cards and my specialty baby series, “WILD”.

Stop by soon!

The Launch Party: Tomorrow!

I T S  T O M O R R O W !

The Launch Party for my new series, “Linear Movement” is tomorrow, November 4th at 2pm! At the Laughing Willow, all new numbered prints will be for sale along with a whole new collection of greeting cards.

I’d love to see you tomorrow!



DALLAS, TX 75208

Photos by Hannah Cher Photography (2) and Rachel Megan Photography