New Year, New Goals

At the start of every new year, I always try to set before me a list of goals to work toward and look forward to. Goals that are achievable, but challenging. It should come as no surprise that my top Strength (from StrengthsFinders) is “Achiever”. So simply sticking a task on my to-do list isn’t enough, I need to be able to create a realistic path to accomplish said task. This year I’ve created a few goals that I believe will help me navigate toward being a better artist and business owner.


First and foremost, I need to network. Yessss. I can see all the extroverts going “Well duh” and all the introverts growning inwardly. I am growning inwardly. I’ve purposefully placed specific networking events on my calendar and to-do list in order to provide further motivation. I know that if I would like to establish myself professionally, I need to make a professional relationship with fellow artists and businesses. I’m keeping it to a minimum of 2 events monthly. Yes, this one is a challenge. (So if there are any artists out there who want to make my life easier, reach out! I’d love to connect!)


Second, I have finally caved and realize that I need to begin advertising. Although I have previously boycotted social media advertising (because why pay so your current followers can actually see your posts?) I realize that it is a necessary evil. Since a large majority of social media platforms now require ads for posts to be seen, I know that I’ll need to invest a little this year into my social platforms. I’m beginning small and will continually assess whether or not it’s effective in maintaining growth.


Third, I have made it a point to draw or paint on a regular basis. Unfortunately, I can’t work full time right now on my artwork, however, this is no excuse to take long breaks as I have done in the past. I know that in order to hone my skills, I will need to take the time necessary to explore and discover creatively. (Also, I’ve got an overflow of painting ideas that I’m tired of keeping bundled up inside me.)

So as I work on these goals, I am hoping that you all will keep me accountable. This year is a year of refinement, and as I prepare for future growth, I hope to bring you all along in my journey.

With love,

Lydia Abigail

Photos by Hannah Cher Photography (1) and Lane B Photography (2)

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Lydia Abigail Artwork! I hope this season has been as big of a blessing to you as it has been for me.

This Christmas is definitely one to be thankful for. This is my first Christmas in a new home with a new name. The first Christmas I get to spend with my husband, the first of many. A Christmas to redefine others.

I hope you take time to make a list of everything you’ve loved this year. Be thankful, and enjoy the fading season, only to welcome the next!

Photos by Hannah Cher Photography

Give Thanks

No matter what time of year it is, I always have to remind myself to stop and be thankful. Isn’t it crazy how easy it is to shuffle through life, discontent and frustrated? Owning a small business makes this incredibly easy. It is easy to want more. More recognition, more jobs, more contacts, more work, more orders…

All the whole working quickly, but enjoying little. So today I’m stopping, stopping to enjoy the much. Stopping to watch for the daily blessing I get to enjoy. Stopping to listen to my husband and all the funny jokes he makes. And I will enjoy today.

So yes, it’s hard to enjoy some days (especially when life is beating you with a rock) but it’s oh so fun to stop and see what beauty it will bring you.

Lydia Abigail

Photos by Hannah Cher Photography

From Realism to Gestural pt. 2 | The How

Like all realistic pieces, they usually follow a pattern. You study the picture or object, and mimic it’s patterns through your pen strokes. For me, that part of drawing has always been easy. See the picture, draw the picture. Done. But I needed something more. Instead of just drawing a picture from a photograph, I needed to see it in real life.

I noticed that pictures, though beautiful, loose so much of what is experienced in person. You can’t feel the sand through a photo. You can’t hear the rustling of trees or the smell of freshly cut grass. And all of these senses create emotions and feelings that sometimes cannot be described. With this realization, I knew that I needed to experience all those senses in order to evoke the proper emotion in my drawings.

But there was one major problem: realistic drawings take hours to create, and it’s hard to hold a tree or experience still for a long period of time. I needed to create a style of drawing that would take a short amount of time while still evoking the same experience and emotion. That’s when I decided to venture into continuous line drawings.

In a continuous line drawing, you draw an entire picture without taking your pen off the paper. This means that each line will be connected. I used this technique to draw a few landscapes when I realized the resulting image leaned toward abstract with a gestural emphasis. I fell in love. It was exactly what I needed and truly made each piece come alive. While being fun and creative, each piece is also thought-provoking and evokes emotion in the viewer.

In order to give the viewer the full experience, I also created a description for each piece that tells the viewer where the picture was drawn and some background about the experience. Each of these new drawings will be printed in very limited quantities (around 26) and will come numbered and signed. The original pieces will also be for sale and will hold all the perfect imperfections expected when drawing something out of doors (raindrops, dirt, and sometimes a few smudges). I’m so excited about this interactive and expressive series, and I’m so thrilled to be able to share it with you.

Photos by Rachel Meagan Photography & Hannah Cher Photography

From Realism to Gestural pt. 1 | The Why

Over the past year, I’ve been developing and slowly transitioning from my realistic Ink Collection to a more gestural, experience-based collection. To say this has been an easy change would be laughable, and to say all responses have been positive, a lie.

You see, realism tends to be extremely popular among the general population. It’s something they can easily see and simply understand. Among artists, however, realism is more of a stepping stone, a task you must only master to get to the other side of “creativity”.

What ends up happening, however, is that we have an amazing artist, creating work that is so far separated from realism that the general population doesn’t understand it (and the creative world misinterprets it). A potentially impactful piece can be totally overlooked. I’ve observed this with poetry countless times. The average person simply gives up at it’s interpretation, and the creative boasts of a superior understanding (most of the time completely missing the point).

And so, we have this large gap between artwork and it’s interpretation. It is so much easier to simply stay in my comfort zone of realism, be commended by average, and scoffed at by peers. But I can’t. I see the need in the artistic world to bridge the gap between the extremely creative and the average individual. In order to do this, I wanted to use my gestural work to create a thought-provoking piece while bringing context alongside each individual artwork. By doing this, each piece can be understood, explained, and evoke the same amount of emotion, but with purpose. And with this decision, I began my artistic transition.

Photos by Hannah Cher Photography

Linear Movement Launch Party | Recap

Last weekend, I was able to celebrate the launch of my new series, “Linear Movement” at the Laughing Willow in Dallas, TX. Here are a few photos to recap the event!


I would like to send a big “Thank You” to everyone who stopped by, and to the Laughing Willow for hosting the event! “Linear Movement” will be for sale at the Laughing Willow, along with some fun greeting cards and my specialty baby series, “WILD”.

Stop by soon!

The Transition

By now I’ve probably been asked nearly a thousand times “what’s next?!”. (Ok, maybe that’s a bit exaggerated, but I’ve been asked a lot)  I’m so happy and excited to see how the word is getting out: THINGS ARE CHANGING (Insert Hallelujah).

It started about a year ago, when I was preparing for a mission trip to Cambodia. I didn’t initially plan on doing art on my trip, and I definitely didn’t plan on teaching it! I was simply going for the sake of visiting some friends who were missionaries in the area. “While you’re here, would you like to paint our wall?” was the first question. Then it led to “Would you like to teach an art class?” Then, “Would you like to teach 5 art classes?” and finally, “Some of our church is going to the river to talk about Jesus, want to paint publicly?”. It all happened so fast, but I was so incredibly excited to share my creativity with a community that, by large, never experienced the arts. While preparing for this trip, I kept thinking “Why art?”. Why do I paint? Why do I draw? What is the point of it all? Because I never wanted to make art simply for art’s sake. I knew there was a meaning and purpose behind it all, but I didn’t quite know what. Only until after my mission trip to Cambodia, did I realize what a vital role art plays in culture.

Throughout history, art was able to communicate through time. We can look at Michelangelo’s sculptures and literally touch a point in time. We can observe Da Vinci’s paintings and see what people wore, how they behaved, and what they valued at a specific point in time. We can only imagine how incredible it would have been if an artist was at the feeding of the 5,000 or the healing of the leper. What if an artist was there to paint how Jesus looked, what he did, and the emotion behind his words. But no artist arrived, or they were just too busy to notice. Just like art can significantly portray and impact a culture, the absence of it can leave an incredible void. Visiting Cambodia proved this point.

If you know a little about Cambodia’s history, in the 1970’s a political power called The Khmer Rouge ended up killing nearly 1.5-3 million of it’s own citizens in a mass genocide. This completely decimated the country’s economic and societal development. Everything that usually sustains and establishes a culture was completely gone, including the arts. When my good friend and I taught art classes, the adults and children alike had never NEVER painted before. Just think about that for a minute. Usually, we grow up painting or drawing in the states. We took art classes in elementary, visited the local art museum in middle school, and possibly participated in a school art show. Art and creativity is just ingrained into our culture. So visiting a country that didn’t have any of that, was truly a monumental experience.


I came back from the trip with a completely different point of view. The point of art isn’t just to look nice in a fancy room, art reflects and develops a culture. I didn’t need to just create art for arts sake, instead, my artwork needs to mean something, and something powerful. So, taking a look at my current work, I realize that it didn’t. My work was pretty, and definitely detailed, but it didn’t have that emotional tug, that purpose behind it that I so desperately needed. And that’s how this whole thing started. That’s why I’m transitioning my work. That’s why I’m phasing out multiple series. Because I know what I need to be working toward and I know what I need to do.

This may mean that my “following” changes, this may mean that people won’t like my work as before. But art worth something usually costs something, and I’m willing to take the risk. So stay tuned, stay updated. And watch as all my current work is phased out and new work is presented. I’ll keep you updated and let you know as things unfold.

Annnnddd at the end of it all we are definitely going to PARTY. (As in Launch Party!)

I’m so glad that you all are involved in this journey (and definitely keep the “What’s next?” questions coming!). I hope to begin creating art that impacts a culture. So let’s do this.

Lydia Abigail

Photos by Hannah Cher Photography (1) and Rachel Megan Photography (6)

Launch Party

I T S  T I M E!

By now you’ve heard way too much about my new series, but the time has finally come to announce the Launch Party! On November 4th, at 2:00pm, the Laughing Willow in Dallas, TX will host the official launch party of my new series, “Linear Movement”.


10 new numbered prints and a whole new greeting card collection will be available to purchase, as well as a few fun surprises! Stop by from 2-5pm to get your numbered print signed, stock up on “punny” greeting cards, or take a look at “WILD: A Baby Collection” made specifically for the Laughing Willow. You may also have a chance to purchase some originals!

Guys, I’m stoked. I’d love to meet you, so stop by and say, “hi”!


DALLAS, TX 75208


Photo by Rachel Meagan Photography

Kallista All Awash: Complete

On September 14th, the Kohler Signature Store in Dallas, debuted my Kallista All Awash Circe claw foot bathtub! I was asked to paint this bathtub by Kohler, and the piece will be auctioned off at the Cattle Barrons Ball in October.

If you’ve been following this project, you already know how excited I was to complete it! I was honored to donate my services for such a worthy cause.

The event was wonderful, and I was able to display other paintings from my Gold All Awash Collection as well.

Overall, it was a fantastic event! I was so honored by everyone who made it out to the event!

If you would like to learn more about the Kohler Signature Store in Dallas, visit their website here.

Circle Artist Show Charity Event {Kallista All Awash}

Join me on September 14th at 6:30pm for the unveiling of my latest project: Kallista All Awash: A painted Kallista bathtub!

Be sure to attend this event to see the Kallista All Awash tub in person. This is your only chance (unless you plan on attending the Cattle Barons Ball)!

I was so honored to complete this project and thrilled that it benefits such a worthy cause.

See you Thursday!


Buon Giorno

I T S  U P !

My “Gold All Awash” Collection is now on display at Buon Giorno Coffeehouse & Roastery in Southlake, TX!

Stop by for the month of September to view 12 pieces, all currently for sale. Each piece was painted on canvas with oil and acrylic paint.

Don’t forget to pick up a free sticker on your way out!




Creation by Elizabeth Marshall

Creative is not a word I would use to describe myself. I am not terribly artsy and my perfectionism tends to make drawing and painting stressful because “what if I mess up?!” I have a science degree and spend my days doing math and conversing about medicine and the exciting new research study that just opened. When I think of creativity I am brought to a posture of appreciation and a deep gratitude for the creation around me breathed out by my friends and breathed out by the Lord himself.

Regardless of what your specific gifting is, the pure unedited beauty of the Lord’s creation grip’s even the hardest of hearts. The awe of the mountains, the beauty and danger of the ocean, the brush strokes on a canvas by my dear friend acting out of love and divine inspiration. To me these things are the definition of creation.

We get to partake in the whimsical, colorful explosion of creation that happens when we encounter the Lord and life as you know it is changed forever. 2 Corinthians 5:17 tells us that “if anyone is in Christ he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold the new has come.”

When we have that first encounter with the Lord, where your life is divided into a “before” and an “after” we experience the beauty and wonder that is our Lord and savior. Our eyes are opened to the stark difference between life with the Lord and life without the Lord. I can say that “I’m not creative” until I’m blue in the face but what the Lord whispers to me as I type is that I am creation.

You are creation.

You are breathed out by the one who created all things out of an earth that was “formless and empty” Genesis 1: 2. You were “remarkably and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14) and He knows the number of hairs on your head (Luke 12:7).

Just as an artist purposefully and intentionally creates her masterpiece, our Lord lovingly knit you into the creation you are. We get to walk within the adventure and calling the Lord has on our lives and experience his creation in us and around us. Continually inviting the Lord to invade our space and to be louder than the world that shouts lies is vital in recognizing the beauty we are immersed in.

Lord I pray you invade our space and open our eyes to see your creation. I invite you to create in us a new thing and to call us higher and deeper as we continue to adventure with you. Thank your for creating us with such care and attention to detail, help us to remember how uniquely you love us. Amen.

|| Written by Elizabeth Marshall ||

Photos by Elizabeth Marshall and Rachel Meagan Photography

Something New

The time has come! By now I’m sure you’re probably sick of me saying “Something new is coming!”, but this really has taken so much time and effort to put together. I’m so so excited for this new direction I’m heading and what I’ll be working on for the next many months.

As you probably have noticed, I gear toward realism when I draw. My sketches currently display images of animals and objects, all closely relating their real selves. Because of various reasons (that I’ll probably detail out in future posts) I’ve decided that this beloved series must come to an end. It’s been displayed and sold for nearly a year and a half and well used and loved by many. I truly will miss seeing each print on a daily basis, but I know that better things are yet to come.

Starting in November, 2017, I’ll be launching a new series titled “Linear Movement” which will depict various scenes and experiences all drawn on-site. I wanted to draw each picture while actually observing the scene, and in order to do this, I had to alter my current “realistic” style. What ended up occurring was a gestural-like drawing that mimics impressionistic styles in order to create a moving and experiential sketch. Each piece is a continuous line drawing which means I attempt to keep my pen on the paper without lifting it up throughout the entire sketch. What ends up being created is a very fun and movement-filled piece. I’ve never attempted this style before, and I have to say, that I have come to dearly love it! It has taken much of the stress out of the creative process and encouraged me to stretch myself a little more creatively.

Along with each print, I’ve also decided to include a description that tells the viewer where it was drawn and under what circumstances. By including this, I hope to bring each viewer along on my creative journey. I’ll definitely be explaining the process and how the series is coming along in blog posts throughout the coming months. So don’t worry, I’ll be keeping you overly-updated!

I’m so excited about this new series and I hope you’ll come to love it as I have.


Lydia Abigail

(1,4) Photos by Rachel Meagan Photography

At The Missions Place Again!

I had the wonderful opportunity to display at the Missions Place yet again! For the whole month of March, my “Gold All Awash” collection will be on display at this fantastic organization.

Don’t forget to stop by this month and find out about all the Missions Place DFW has to offer!

The Missions Place DFW
913 S Main Street #215
Grapevine, TX 76051

Great Harvest Local Mural

During the month of December, I was commissioned to paint this chalkboard-styled mural for the brand new Great Harvest Bread Co. opening in Fort Worth, TX!

Great Harvest produces baked bread, pastries, and sandwiches all out of their freshly-milled whole wheat! They focus on keeping in the nutrients while keeping out the added preservatives.

After about 20 hours of work and quite a bit of paint, I was definitely pleased with the outcome.

Visit Great Harvest Bread Co. in Fort Worth (now open) to see my mural in person!

Great Harvest Bread Co.

1305 W. Magnolia, Fort Worth, TX  76104

Gateway Young Adults Card Creation


This past summer, I helped design new information cards for Gateway Young Adults in Dallas!

These cards provide the date and time of services at Gateway’s Dallas campus.

Not only are they incredibly unique, these cards turned out to be absolutely stunning!

I’m so honored to have my work be used in this way. Next time you’re in Dallas, stop by Gateway Church and pick one up!

Gateway Church 
12123 Hillcrest Rd.
Dallas, TX 75230

Lane B Photography Documentary Photo Session

On September 14th, I invited Lane B Photography to come into my home and document the process of my work. The purpose of the shoot was ultimately to advertise for an upcoming event “Hachie Holidays” of which, I will be a part.

We decided to begin with the Ink Collection, and move our way through the Gold Collection. Here are her wonderful photos and the moments she captured!

m85a2505m85a2509m85a2515m85a2517m85a2522m85a2525m85a2527 m85a2545 m85a2548 m85a2552 m85a2556 m85a2565 m85a2566 m85a2572 m85a2583 m85a2592 m85a2601 m85a2606 m85a2608 m85a2613 m85a2622 m85a2636 m85a2658 m85a2679 m85a2686 m85a2690 m85a2694 m85a2696

{Lydia Abigail}

Find the original blog post here!

The Missions Place Display


All through October, you can stop by The Missions Place DFW, and view my Ink Collection!
img_0267 img_0273img_0270 img_0274This collection focuses on the natural elements and exposing the details found within them.

img_0272img_0269“This collection of work began with a group of well-used pens and some old photographs. It developed over the course of 2 years through new experiences and thrilling adventures. The ink collection focuses on exposing the details of everyday sightings and objects. Whether it was through hiking in Yosemite, walking along sandy beaches, or countless midnight drives home, I experienced the Lord’s incredible love for detail which I attempted to reveal through these drawings. While you view each sketch, take notice of every pen stroke. Imagine each detail come to life. And experience my world with me.”

I’m so honored to have these prints displayed at The Missions Place. This organization does amazing things for the city of Grapevine. Stop by soon!


The Missions Place
913 S Main St, Ste 215
Grapevine, TX 76051



I’ve probably spent more time looking out this window than doing anything else. The leaves in full bloom, trees arching over the tops of the glass, glistening water reflecting on the rooftop in the deepest night. In the winter, the trees turn bare and leave reflections on my bedroom floor as the sun descends. Throughout it all I’ve spent many hours simply sitting on my bed, in awe of simple beauty and light.


Many people may think that dreams are sprung from intense reflection or drudging work, but oh so many of my dreams erupted from this window, these trees, this glass, that water. Simplicity may seem like our greatest enemy, but it’s my dearest friend.

Simplicity brought my walls bare and caused me to find a way to adorn them.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Simplicity caused me to stay enclosed in a color palette and focus on shade rather than color.


Simplicity decided to take hold of my work and bring out the natural details that all too often go unnoticed from our busy human eye.



When people stare deeply into my sketches, entranced by detail, all I see is simplicity. I see each stroke, all alike, all in uniform. They see detail, but I see simplicity.


Would you like to know how the mind of the artist works? It takes the littlest of things and attempts to expand it’s beauty. The artist aims to take the glimmers of beauty she finds, and magnify their impact, so every commonplace person can see.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

I’ve said before that an artist’s main job is to make intangible emotions, tangible: real. And that’s what I’m doing. As I stare out that window, clearing my head, calming my soul; I’m finding the emotion, identifying it’s imagery, and dreaming up a way to bring it to reality.

Never begin to think that you’re purpose or dreams are too simple, for it is out of the simple things that beauty and greatness grow.

With Love,

{Lydia Abigail}

View More:

Photo Credits: Rachel Meagan Photography (7)

{Originally published on Lindsey Strehlow’s Creative Souls Blog}

“Creating Life” by Monica Zuniga

I recently heard it said that we are the only creatures on the planet that have been given the ability to create something out of nothing.


An animal may instinctively know without being told that it’s time to migrate south for the winter, and a baby bird may naturally flap its wings when leaving the nest for the first time. But these creatures do not stare at the sunset, a fire red mixed with hues of pink and blue, and feel this fire within their very soul at the sight of such beauty. They do not run inside to grab their camera to perfectly capture such a sight. And then suddenly have the idea to print that beautiful picture and sell it as a form of income. That’s just silly. Yet, we, the human race have been given the gift to take an idea, a nothing, and create it into something.


Now lets take this reality one step further. Women have been given the ability and gift to create life. There are many reasons why I love being a woman, but this one trumps them all. The very fact that we create an excess of estrogen (a life giving hormone) means that we have the ability to bear things and produce life giving things that men simply cannot. Of course there is the obvious in childbirth. I mean as women we incubate a child for 9 months and push that thing out of us. If you really think about what has to happen in order for this miracle child to be born, it will blow your mind. But even further, I believe women carry intrinsically a life giving creativity that the world needs.


We step into a room and feel the atmosphere immediately; we can know without saying a word the emotional temperature of a space. We look into the eyes of a friend and can see past their eye color to see if something is wrong. We see a need and in an instant without thinking, naturally create a solution to meet the problem.


My personal recognition of this life-giving gift that I possess and the power to create has completely revolutionized what I do when it comes to my personal life and ministry I lead.  So what does it mean to be life-giving? It is anything that is sustaining or revitalizing life.


So as a woman, I create life. I sustain life. And I revitalize life.

Knowing this, and truly creating out of this truth, that I am a life-giver, has shifted what and how I create. Are the pictures I am taking giving life? The words I am writing revitalizing life? The new designs and events I am leading, do they sustain life? For I have found that if what I produce is born out of this life-giving mentality, it will ALWAYS produce more life as a result. The heart of every creative is to create something that will speak, inspire, and stir something new in those who partake in it. So weather we create a work of art, a business, a ministry, or an atmosphere, we should always be producing life.


Written by:
Monica Zuniga
We Are Unveiled || Founder

Photo Credit: 
Tori Leigh

Cambodian Mural

While in Cambodia, I created a mural depicting the mission of a community-driven Christian organization.


“Cambodia Genesis” desires to serve as a “lighthouse” for Cambodia; using the light of Christ to support and guide the Cambodian people to Christ.

IMG_0653 IMG_0661

During the beginning stages of the mural, I tried to paint the sky as the main focus.  IMG_0781 IMG_0784 IMG_0788

I added in other elements as the painting developed.

IMG_1182 IMG_1183 IMG_1188 IMG_1193

I was extremely pleased with the finished mural and the message it portrayed.

IMG_1202 IMG_1207 IMG_1208 IMG_1212

I hope to complete many more meaningful murals in the near future!

IMG_1228 IMG_1234 IMG_1201

~ Lydia Abigail ~

{Interested in a mural? Contact me at}

Yeah, that mountain moved.


I started thinking, if God could legitimately decide to up and move a mountain, why on earth could I not trust him completely?

One of my good friends had just gotten back from a Missions Trip to Egypt, and along with her jet lag she brought unbelievable stories. She told me that it is a well-known fact in a particular town in Egypt that a mountain was moved overnight. No, not slightly, but actually picked up and placed on the other side of the river.

The story goes like this: One night, God spoke to a preacher and told him to go find a man by the name of “James”. This man, God said, was going to move a mountain for him. So, up this preacher goes, looking for the man named “James”. When he finds him, they went up to the base of the mountain and told it to move. Up, the mountain went, floating as they said, and it moved to the opposite side of town. A whole mountain. This happened long before satellites, long before cellphones or recording devices. But it’s just common knowledge in this town, that their mountain used to be in one area and it moved to another.


When she told me this story, I was a little doubtful. I mean, when does stuff like this ever happen? It happened in the Bible, but not ever in recent history! But then I thought, “why the hell not?” If God truly created the world, if he truly defeated death, if he truly lived and died on this soil, why couldn’t he just move a mountain if he felt like it?

I forget how incredibly powerful my God is, practically all the time. Usually my prayers go like this, “God, if you want to do this amazing thing, that would be neat, but no pressure, I’m not really expecting you to do anything. Just maybe make me feel a little less depressed or a little more happy, because then my days would be easier and I could smile more. And if you wouldn’t mind, giving me a little more comfort? Thanks. I love you, but not quite enough to actually follow everything you say, just what I like. And yes, I believe you did all that stuff in the bible, but I know you don’t do anything like that anymore. So no pressure. I hope your day is nice.”


If this God that I was speaking to really created the heavens. Really hung the stars in their place. Really formed the mountains and everything on them. Really knew every living thing, every living thing’s hairs, and everything that goes on inside of their hearts, then why why why am I not totally sold out? Why am I not screaming from building tops that, holy crap, my God did such amazing things? Why is everyone not screaming from building tops and going crazy with awe?


Well, maybe it has to do with my brain.

See, I like to make sense out of things, and if things don’t make sense, I don’t like to think about them. Like, it really doesn’t make sense that there’s a God who loves me who somehow made himself into a human and died for my sins. And it really doesn’t make sense that he would continually seek out a relationship with these things he made even though they don’t really like him most of the time. And it really doesn’t make sense that he would just move a mountain because of couple of these things he made asked him to. I like to make sense. And since I’m so intelligent, I’m going to say that it doesn’t make sense and so it doesn’t exist. I’m going to determine, from my oodles of experience that having a “God” or “creator” really isn’t logical, so we obviously had to come from elsewhere, maybe mud? Yeah, that sounds right. Even though I’ve never seen the inside of a electron, even though I’ve never seen a galaxy other than my own, even though I’ve never created a sunrise or made the ocean stop, yeah, I know stuff. So I must understand that this “God” concept is just wrong. Because I’m smart. Because of my brain. Because I make sense.


But I really don’t. Everything I know, is so minuscule compared to what’s out there. I truly believe that there is a God who made everything so perfect, because, let’s face it, everything is so perfect. The simple fact that the mitochondria in my cells work is a miracle! Like what the heck that crap didn’t just develop, that mitochondria had to be created for it to work so hella awesome. Thank you God for my mitochondria!! And if God created my mitochondria, he can create the land. He can create the sea and everything in it. He can create the mountains. And if he created the mountains, he can tell them to move. Just because he wants to.


In my world of logical conclusions, I have to choose to be illogical. I have to choose to believe in this God who does amazing things today.

Another story that my friend told me was that a little girl had just found out about Jesus. She told her family the little she knew and one night at dinner they heard a knock at their door. Jesus was at their door. JESUS. He sat down with them, and ate dinner. The whole entire family turned to Christ that day. They were devout Muslims, but in one night, every single family member became Christians.

You know, if God wanted to, he could knock on your door and have dinner with you. If he wanted to, he could sit beside you at the bus stop and begin a conversation. If he wanted to, he could sell you groceries or give you a bible. If he wanted to, he could be holding a sign on your street corner asking for a little help. If he wanted to. And guess what, he does. Friends, let’s stop thinking our God is only up in heaven telling us what to do and what rules to follow. He’s here, and we need to believe that.

Today, I’m choosing to believe the stories. Will you do the same?

{Lydia Abigail}