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 Date of the Agreement: 11/15/18 This agreement is between Lydia Abigail Artwork (the Artist) and Charla Rainey (the Commissioning Agent). INFORMATION The Artist agrees to create a original work in the form of a Continuous-line drawing. Further description of design includes: 1. Tree including four branches and one baby branch 2. Two main roots 3. One- two small dandelions at base of tree Preliminary design included in this contract and the written approval by the commissioning agent is necessary before work is begun.  Description of the project to be undertaken Title: Continuous-line Family Tree Medium: Drawing paper & Ink Pen Size: 11x14 Price: $100 + $7 (shipping) The Commissioning Agent will pay the Artist $75.00 upon signing this agreement. And $32 after work is completed. DELIVERY Date of Delivery of Work: 12/31/18 (at the latest) At the completion of the Work, the Work will be shipped via USPS: Work will be shipped to:  TERMINATION If the Commissioning Agent does not approve of the preliminary design, the artist shall keep all payments made as payment for time spent on project, and the agreement shall terminate. The Commissioning Agent may terminate this agreement if the Artist fails without cause to complete the Work within 60 days of the completion date and agrees to return to the Commissioning Agent all payments made. OWNERSHIP | COPYRIGHT Title of the Work remains with the Artist until the Artist is paid in full. If the Artist terminates this contract, the rights to the Work remain with the Artist, and the Work can be sold to another customer. The Artist reserves all rights of reproduction and all copyrights to the Work, the preliminary design, and any incidental work made in the creation of the Work. The Artist shall receive authorship credit in the event of any reproductions of the Work. No reproductions shall be made without artist’s consent and due payment. The Commissioning Agent gives to the Artist permission to use the Commissioning Agent’s name, picture, portrait, and photograph, including but not limited to exhibition, display, advertising, trade, and editorial uses, without violation of the Commissioning Agent’s right of privacy. The Commissioning Agent agrees not to intentionally destroy, alter, modify, or change the Work in any way. Commissioning Agent has 5 days to request any changes to the Work. Changes must be submitted in email form before 11/19/18. Any alterations to this agreement shall be made in writing. _ By Typing my name below, I agree to the contract above.